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Website Consultant

John Zernick has worked with Internet technologies since before there was a World Wide Web. He has been involved in designing, redesigning, reviewing, refining, building, and launching a large number of websites. He has worked for and with many large and prestigous organizations for over 20 years of his professional Information Technology career.

Now, he is working with a select number of clients and developing his own websites. His goal is to be a competent and professional consultant to a small number of clients providing a level of service only available from larger organizations at a significantly higher cost. He hopes to carve out a niche for his type of services, but he wants to keep it smaller and more personal for his clients.

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Internet Business Newsletter Coming!

John Zernick Consulting is planning the launch of a newsletter to advise clients about new initiatives, solutions and advice. The content will center on how you can make your website better and ways to improve it's revenue potential.

John Zernick Consulting offers professional Internet services including: