Website Development Philosophy:

The most cost effective marketing tool that a business can have is a well designed website. Following our design build philosophy and process, we combine your business and marketing requirements with our customer centered design philosophy to include the key elements of a successful website.

The design process that we use to develop our websites (including our packaged solutions) is described below:

Website Design Build Philosophy

Identify Goals and Requirements
With your key personnel, we determine the focus of the website by examining its objectives, targeted audience, expected content and use etc.

Plan Website
Based on the goals defined, the website is planned out according to three principal areas: structure (overview plan of website format), design (a draft homepage and internal page) and content (areas to be covered and text required).

Agree Formats
Working with a report produced for the website's development, we agree on the layout of a sitemap for the website together with its visual look and feel.

Build Website
Based on the agreed sitemap from the report, we build the website with content and graphics as agreed and where provided. Regular updates ensure that timings and content are correct and on schedule.

Debugging, proofing reading and testing will happen offline and, available to a restricted audience, a beta release of the website will be made available before final launch.

When testing is complete and the website is ready for launch, it will be made available to the general public via the hosting partner agreed.

Website promotion for each individual proposal will be carried out together with any additional activities.

Where required, analysis of the use of the website, page impressions and downloads will be analyzed in order to further refine the structure and impact of the website which will be adapted accordingly.

Maintain and Manage
Keeping the website current and up to date as well as adding additional pages for new products or functions such as eCommerce or Customer service applications. Maintenance and management options are available as services from John Zernick Consulting.

Every business is different and so is every website. We tailor our websites to fit the needs of each of our clients. Please contact us at 216-849-2817 or email us.

John Zernick Consulting offers professional Internet services including: