Website Planning and Specification

Often overlooked or minimized by others building websites, planning is the best way to determine what you need and make sure that it is the focus of the website. Throughout my career, I have found that proper planning and specification are directly related to the ultimate success of a project. And the same is truer no place more then the web.

I take the time to listen, question, document and build mockups so that you can approve the plan as it is being constructed. This is a great differentiator from other web design and development companies.

Website Design & Development

With a solid plan in hand, the design and development is about constructing the site with the proper tools and technologies to guarantee that the site will be easily maintained and that it will grow with your needs.

Webpage Coding (HTML, CSS, etc.)

Proper coding with HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and the other technologies that we use is vital for a site that will need to grow in the future. Following proper standards and documenting the code as you build it will enable others to be able to take over your work and add to the website.

Programming and Design

All of the programming and development for our websites adheres to best practices in the web development area. I pick the best tools, technologies and processes to provide lasting value for our customers. The technologies that are used include PHP, MySQL, Joomla!, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, and Javascript.

Database Design & Development

The heart of a well-built website it the database that holds the content management system that makes the site easy to keep current. And databases are what keeps interaction with site visitors.

Search Engine Optimization

Being easily found on the Internet is vitally important. When your current or potential customers go looking for you in a search engine like Google, you need to follow standards and implement a number of practices. This will ensure that you are found when you want to be found.

Email Marketing and Planning

An email newsletter or promotional emails are a reasonably priced way to communicate with your customers. Whether it is to advertize special deals, let them know of new products that your offer or give me advice to educate your customers. It is one of the most successful ways to drive traffic to your site and keep you in the front of their minds when looking for a solution to a problem.

John Zernick Consulting offers professional Internet services including: